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Governmental Remittance Control
GATEWAY ENTERPRISES began in 1979 providing Point of Sale software for governmental agencies. We have served scores of different agencies over the years. Many of them are still good customers who have stayed with us through several hardware and software platform changes.

Our customers include cities, counties, states, political subdivisions, special districts and the federal government. We have also done specialty Point of Sale for non traditional retailers.

We provide cashiering front ends for existing back-office software. We can connect to almost all mainframe systems and to the distributed databases that are gaining in popularity. Some of the interfaces we have in place are NFS to UNIX, ODBC (DAO,RDO & ADO) to Oracle, TN3270 to MVS, RS-232 async hardwire connections and FTP of various sorts including IBM’s IND$FILE method. We have connected to IBM 309X, AS/400, RISC-6000, HP3000, HP9000, NCR S-26 to name a few. In the Oracle world we talk to VAX, ALPHA, SEQUENT, NCR S-26 and the like. Communications, to us, is not a major issue.

We have provided custom interfaces to PeopleSoft and SCT/Banner products using custom views or, in the case of PeopleSoft, the PeopleTools options for fetching and writing information to the back-office applications.

Our software is specialized for the needs of government agencies and their policies and procedural requirements. The software we license is not the traditional Retail Point of Sale that has been modified to meet government agencies requirements. The Governmental Remittance Control software we license has been designed for government and the intricacies of over the counter operations that exist.

We truly feel that we can offer your agency a very effective cash collection solution. Please consider us when your organization is thinking of replacing or adding cash registers in your cashiering area.



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