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Governmental Remittance Control
  • Complete customization to suit your unique organizational requirements.
  • Built in flexibility to customize your system further as your needs change.
  • Complete audit trail for all transactions.
  • Error correction and transaction voids consistent with accepted principles.
  • Complete protection against inadvertent deletion of data.
  • Faster service at the cashier station and greater customer satisfaction.
  • Greater accuracy in processing of all transactions.
  • Ability to produce a variety of reports for any period desired.
  • Ability to view or print out earlier transactions.
  • Security control over level of cashier access.
  • Balancing and account reconciliation at the end of day.
  • Internal control capabilities to assure integrity of the cash drawer.
  • Helps to protect against defalcation.
  • Complete data protection and integrity in case of power failure.
  • Multiple and remote cash register locations.
  • Validates and endorses checks, money orders and other documents.
  • Allows user to determine and establish levels of supervisor control.
  • Easy to learn; operation similar to most cash registers.

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